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Wed. Feb 3rd 2021
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Tue. Dec 1st 2020
Merry Christmas and happy holidays from your Cherokee Springs Fire Department!
We've provided the following tips, courtesy of the National Fire Prevention Association, to provide useful informatio...
Tue. Oct 13th 2020
During the month of October, you may notice your CSFD firefighters in a different uniform. In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we've gone pink to support those who have battled breast cance...
Sun. Oct 4th 2020
Fire Prevention Week 2020 is October 4-10 and this year's theme is "Serve Up Fire Safety in the Kitchen". Please take a moment to read over the points below:Cooking• Cooking is the ...
Wed. Sep 16th 2020
Below is the official announcement from the National Weather Service regarding upcoming severe weather:

Help Tommy Fight Cancer
Mon. Jun 1st 2020

From Chelsea Norris' GoFundMe post:

Tommy is a beloved husband, father, ‘Pop’ and is chief of Poplar Springs Fire Department in Spartanburg, SC. Recently, all of a sudden, Tommy had several consecutive seizures. After many days of testing, it was determined Tommy had a tumor on his brain. As he and his wife, Donna, navigated this new information, Tommy continued to experience seizures, slowing of his speech, and completely unrelated blood clot issues that resulted in many tests for a presumed heart attack. This March, Tommy was finally able to undergo surgery to remove the tumor. Biopsy results showed he is fighting a Grade 4, Glioblastoma Multiforme. This type of cancer is presumed incurable BUT if you know Tommy, you know he is a fighter. 

Tommy and Donna are facing many, many difficulties right now. If we can lift the financial burden that medical issues of this size bring, that is one less thing they will need to worry with. We assume they will continue to incur travel expenses, the cost of chemo (or whatever treatment process they choose), the constant cost of his medications, etc. We don’t know what the future will hold but our hope remains in Jesus. The enemy has worked hard to use this situation to break us but we won’t let that happen. I hope you’ll consider joining us along side Tommy’s fight.

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112 entries in the News

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